August 12, 2006


Commencement of basic functions operational.

Checklist approved. Battery full. WM5 device callsign “eydryan” ready for connection.


// thus it begins, the new world. you pop a pill and before you know it *boom* it’s there. never seen it like this before. a plethora of colours, sensations and wow… a trip if you want but if i say it like that you won’t understand… you’ll just think i’m high on some plant and talking tongues. but i mean light man. i mean the one thing we could not imagine our lives without. do you feel like the screen in front of you would be the same without the tiny little bodies of spectral energy we perceive as this luminance. it falls on bodies of mass and gives them shape texture and a meaning. it’s my job to present that to you. it’s my job to trap those little buggers into an array of bits, shoot them down a tube of light and retransmit them into your fovea for your enjoyment… [[link]] //

>>EOF :: 12-13.08.2006 @ 23:42 pm by eydryan ::.


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