yet another rant about photography

May 24, 2007

You’ll see that my blog subtitle is photography for the people. Now why choose something so well boring. Because nowadays photography is for the rich guys. I was looking yesterday at two photoblogs. One is some kid I met while working for a magazine and he’s a total dick head and the other I have no idea who he is but I don’t like him either. What do they have in common? Decent photos. Mind you I didn’t say amazing photos or even good photos since one simply edits his photos in picasa (making them look like crap enlarged) and the other one has only little knowledge regarding editing some subjects. Sure they both make okay images. But what’s the catch? Money. They’ve got expensive cameras but most of all, they’ve got the ability to travel… One goes to the States more often than I go to school (ok, that one’s easy to beat) and the other one has a dirt motorbike and just travels the country whenever he wants. They have time to post-process and they can take photos and be encouraged for it. On the other hand there’s say me, who have an unpaid job as a photographer and have to hide it from my folks because they think photography sucks. I know you might believe this is bitching from just another kid who does nothing all day long and you may be right but look at the situation like this: if you’re broke and have nowhere to go all you can do is take photos of what you have close to you. And that gets boring after a while.

Money makes the world go ’round. Thing is that kid has money for special glass. Say fisheye. And tele. And there’s no doubt in my mind that with a little bit of decent knowledge you can get more from a 20D than from an entry-level. Also, editing is hell on my 1.8ghz athlon. So basically if I had to make a list of what I need it would be: wide lens, teleconverter, polarizers and UV filters, flash, backdrops, lightbox, studio lights, hotshoe pc socket, a core2duo computer with at least 2gb of ram, LCD screen, memory cards, and some way to get around the city. So it would pretty much need about 5000$ minimum. And right now all I have is 25cents…


One Response to “yet another rant about photography”

  1. You could be right. Although last night I dreamt someone gave me too much change and then after arguing I found he had given me the right change… Click

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